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About the brand

Pomandère is a light and refined pleasure, to wear every time, like a delicate fragrance. Its collections are ruled by a faint sensation that slips under the skin, leaving nevertheless the mark: the fashion can be “different” without founding its uniqueness on excess and provocation. Exclusive, natural fabrics are painstakingly styled into distinctive, eye-catching models with a wealth of exquisite detail. Beautiful and feather-light items crafted with care, just like the little linen bags filled with dried flowers and citrus peel that one time used to naturally scent wardrobes: the pomandères.

Via Ticino, 16 - 36016 Thiene - Vicenza
tel. +39 0445 360.606 - fax +39 0445 370.922

Via Tortona, 14 - 20144 Milano
tel. +39 02 36505792

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